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Interchangeable Embossing Rolls

In these competitive times it’s important that you
“Leave Your Mark”
by letting the customer know who made the product they are using. Making it easy for the customer to identify something will almost always guarantee repeat and or new business – so why hide it – identify yourself and encourage the customer to come back.


Interchangeable Embossing Rolls

Shown is a set of master rolls and a complete set of interchangeable inserts.
That is why we have developed a very cost effective solution for those customers producing high volume light gauge metal components on a roll form line. This system does not require you to interchange the complete set of rolls, which can be a costly and time consuming exercise. Our unique quick change design allows you to easily set up in minutes as opposed to hours and provides you the ability to insert far more information than you are currently doing. Now you can easily change part numbers, product names and approval identifications with hardly a pause in production.

These precision made heat treated components are durable and long lasting and will provide a clear emboss detail in materials up to 22ga, although other thickness systems are available on request. The rolls are custom designed and fitted to accommodate your specific machine of any manufacture.
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