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  Shear Blade Repair and Maintenance  
Shear Blade Repair and Maintenance

Shear blades must be reground to the same exact tolerances as new blades to ensure quality cuts and maintain a high level of productivity. The recommended tolerances are as follows...

WIDTH – Parallel to within 0.005” from end to end.

THICKNESS – Parallel to within 0.003” from end to end.

No variation greater than 0.001” within any 12” length.

Punch Tools provides grinding services for your shear blades. We have field technicians who can remove your old blades and reinstall the blades once they are sharpened.

Grinding Limits
Most four edge shear blades are designed to allow
for regrinding both the thickness and width of the
blades. However, there are practical limits to the
amount of material that can be removed before the
blade should be replaced. The following chart can be
used as a guide in determining whether your blades
are nearing the minimum grinding limits...

Spec Blade

1” x 3” 7/8” 2 3/4”
1” x 4” 7/8” 3 3/4”
1 1/8” x 5” 1” 4 3/4”
1 1/2” x 5 1/2” 1 1/8” 5 3/8”
1 3/4” x 6 1/2” 1 5/8” 6 1/8”

Initial blade clearance is adjusted by moving the
shear table in and out. If blade thickness is less than
reference minimum “T”, proper blade clearance may
not bepossible. If width is reduced less than the
reference minimum “W”, the blade may not cross
full length.

Feel free to call us
if you have any questions.


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