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Window Industry: Mirror Image Punching


Punch Tools has developed a wide variety of specialized industry knowledge while developing mirror image punch technology for the windows and doors industry.

We have developed several industry advancements that separate us from our competitors. For example, our multiple tiered, holes within hole punching methods. Our designs are critical for projects that require: perfect design alignment, mating left and right or top and bottom parts, custom mullions, and multiple hole clusters punched in the perfect position every time.

From working with intricate extrusions to efficient design punching presses, we can make the perfect custom solution to fit your project.

Critical for alignment designs in mirror image
Multiple hole patterns are easily achieved with a Razor / Tiger Stop

Holes punched in the right location and alignment every time in one cycle

Saves on scrap

Makes functionality and efficiency of design possible. Mirror images in many applications save on installation labour in the field.

Able to place holes within holes in our punch designs

diagram exploring functions of our mirror image press. precision located hole clusters on mating parts, multiple extrusions simultaneously, can accomodate a wide variety of heights and body shapes

Two matching mirror image punched aluminum extrusions used to mount either a vertical custom window mullion or horizontal muntin/transom.

mating brackets with identical mirror image punched holes
An example of window crank installed in a press punched window sill frame opening a casement window.
 alternate  window crank to be mounted on aluminum and vinyl window punched pieces
Our stand alone hydraulic punch presses feed left to right through to a razor/tiger stop. Straight forward to use for the perfect punch everytime.
diagram mirror image punching press left to right  feed though guide using a razor stop
See the Mirror Image Press in action.
Below: an example window aluminum extrusion piece highlighting the placement of the different points of interest on our specialized mirror image mounts.
Diagram for the mirror image punch brackets
Specialized Knowledge Skills

Using our custom designed punching tools we are able to place the holes for your projects design within difficult locations and even a secondary punch withing a primary punch at the same time.

Hole within hole punch mirror image punching press and custom die
An example of our tooling ability to place punched holes, within holes on our window and door extrusions. A Punch Tools proprietary punch design.
mirror image punching press station

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a project drop us a line and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Tel: 604.521.6444
Toll Free: 1.800.668.4996
Email: sales@punchtools.com

British Columbia, BC

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