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Hydraulic Center Station Gang Buster 1

Center Station Gang Buster
Gang punches dedicated to processing one product line are more and more common as companies look to stream line production and reduce inventory levels. The Hydraulic Center Station Gang Buster addressed these issues and more — such as portability, ease of hookup and variable production range.

Take the machine to the extrusion not extrusion to the machine. This allows greater flexibility in plant design and layout. First off the unit is very portable with the following features:

Forklift moveable with balanced load and solid welded 2” square steel tube frame tube.
Low center of gravity for stability during move.
Relatively light weight — 1000 lb versus a press brake with sufficient tonnage weighing 10,000 lb and top heavy.
Center Station Gang Buster  
  Ease of Hookup and Use
240 volt connection plug for hookup to cable drops around the plant.
No need for hard wiring and a qualified electrician every time a move is needed.
Tethered foot pedal so operator has freedom to locate efficiently for loading and unloading.

Streamline Operations
Reduce inventory levels and variable production range — this is where the unit proves it’s worth.

Prior inventory levels required a set of parts over a range of lengths resulting in a finished inventory level spanning approx. 20 different combinations.
After the Hydraulic Center Station Gang Buster was introduced finished goods were made to order.
Finished goods inventory was virtually eliminated and the space used for other activities.
Only raw material inventory needs to be managed; a significant inventory reduction.
Center Station Gang Buster  
The variable production of the Hydraulic Center Station Gang Buster was based around the geometry of the part.
The large center punch station was always at a known location and the outer mounting holes are referenced from that.


Thus in a few minutes the operator can adjust the outer mounting holes to preset pitch stops and switch to new finished products on the fly — to order.
This manufacturing flexibility was the key to meeting the productivity goals.
Machine Specifications
240/480 volt hydraulic power pack (other voltages available to order).
Foot print 120”L x 24”W x 32”H to table top/working height
(approximately 60” overall).
Center station — fixed astragal punch 35 tons.
4 variable pitch out board stations at 5 tons each.
Flex-hose hydraulic connections.
Punches and dies — off the shelf common components.
Production rate — punch cycle time of 5 seconds.
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