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Production Machinery Punching Presses

Punch Tools expertise in a metal stamping production environment can help you make the right purchase by focusing on productivity instead of price. We understand that you want something that works reliably for years to come, not the least expensive option for your equipment.

The cell and lean manufacturing production trends are leaning towards productivity solutions with solid payback. The Porta Press gives answers to many of these issues and is a building block for a right sized cell manufacturing facility.

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To learn more about the tool and die industry (ex. the birth of a hole) visit our Knowledge Library.

Light Lab Press General Overview

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Porta Press General Overview
  • Used as a single stand alone station or as part of a gangbuster
  • Replace larger press brake applications
  • Light weight (150lbs) and portable
  • Easy to use and hooks up to your shop air
  • Custom applications for the right solution

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Air Punch Press General Overview
  • Portable and safe to use (foot pedal activation)
  • A larger variable tonnage available than with lighter presses
  • Adjustable tool placement and feed from any direction
  • Quick tool and die block swapping

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Gang Press General Overview gang buster
  • Designed for long plastic and aluminum extrusions
  • Combine several porta presses together for cost and time saving processing
  • Multiple power supply variants for different tonnage loads
  • Fixed or adjustable press placement along a rail

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Specialty / Custom Press General Overview

PLC Gangbuster

  • Large multi plane punching
  • Hollow extrusion punching for precise holes and mating parts
  • Dual station design for family of parts processing

Hydra Press

  • Increase the productivity of plastic thermo forming and die cutting
  • Pull true material feeding and automatic gauging systems.
  • Air activated under bolster knock our rams.
  • Slug or scrap exit conveyors.

Maxi Press

  • Accommodate medium duty punching applications in narrow and thin metal or vinyl materials. 
  • Feed the stock directly into the Maxi Press without pre-processing

Punch Master

  • Multiple hole punching of any shape over a length of up to 16 ft
  • Modularized into 24" sections
  • Total punching force of 50 tons
  • 100 holes in a single hit through a 3/8" thick section of plastic extrusion over 12 ft.
Stand Alone Porta Presses Gallery

Come and view our Porta Press Gallery to see the many different shapes, sizes, and wide variety of applications that our Stand Alone Portable Presses have made for.

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Used Equipment
We know of a wide variety of used equipment, please contact us for more info.

British Columbia, BC

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