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"I just wanted to let you know what beautiful work Punch Tools and their employees did in building the louver punch and die for us. Everyone here is very satisfied with the end results.

We would gladly recommend Punch Tools to anyone interested."


Rick A. Fagans
Materials Manager
Ray Tech Infrared Corp.

Ray Tech Infrared Corp.


"We received the two punch tools and installed them on our assembly line today. Let me say that Two Brothers Racing and I are very impressed with the engineering and craftsmanship that went into producing these machines. They both work flawlessly! The way the adjustability was designed is very elegant and is easy to use. I am sure we will get many years of use from them. Also, thanks for shipping them assembled! All we did was connect the airline and we were making parts.

Thanks again and hope to do business with you in the future."


Bernhard Leitner
Two Brothers Racing Inc.

IBC Technologies


"Punch Tools worked closely with IBC over several phases of prototypes to help us achieve our goal of a next generation product. We searched around the world for a company to take on our challenge and only a few would. One was in our backyard, Vancouver, BC, which was a pleasant surprise. Punch Tools delivered working prototypes on time and on budget. They could not have achieved these results without their innovative staff and positive "Can Do" leadership. I am pleased to recommend Punch Tools for your company."


Bruce Macgowan
CA President
IBC Technologies Inc.

IBC Technologies


"Over the past 12 years I have worked for Stanley Doors/Masonite. PTI Punch Tools has been very involved in our business. They have made all of our die's for all 3 of our production lines. We have worked on some major projects together with great success. Any time there has been an unforeseen problem or issue they have worked tirelessly to solve these issues and get us back up and running.

I am very pleased to have PTI Punch Tools as a resource as they bring a lot to the table when it comes to designing new equipment or retrofitting old equipment.

I look forward to continue working with PTI Punch Tools on future projects."


Allan Fitzsimmons
Technical Services Manager

Masonite International Corporation


"Recently Punch Tools on our behalf assisted us with the design and building of a tool for a brand new product called “Tiny Tidies”. The tool was designed to form the heads (the ends) of this very interesting new product. The tool has worked exceptionally well and we couldn’t be more pleased.

As our 1950 trademark says “tanks a million"."



Brian Nelson, C.E.O.

Tidy Tanks Ltd.


"Dear Punch Tools,
We are thoroughly impressed with the gang punch we purchased from you last July. Of all the production equipment we have purchased over the past 3 years it is by far the one we talk about the most. In direct savings we have converted 8 hours of dreaded time consuming work into a relatively enjoyable 45 minutes. In addition, down stream manufacturing time and quality have benefited greatly as a result of the accuracy and speed at which we can punch.

Since installing the punch we have processed about 25000 ft of extruded aluminum (approximately 21000 holes) and have not had a second of down time with it. It is truly an impressive piece of equipment. Perfect holes every time; super fast; reliable; safe and no mess… we love it!!

Our only regret is that we didn’t do it years ago… corny but true!

Jim our experience with you, your company and your product has been nothing but great so please feel free to use us as reference anytime."


Best regards,

Eric von Doellen

Staging Canadell


"I was impressed with Punch Tools planning and design of our Gang Punch. Their on time delivery and "worked first time" quality was impressive. We started getting payback on the equipment right away."



Ed Lindahl
VP Operations

Starline Architectural Windows Ltd.


"Dear PTI Punch Tools,
Firstly I would like to thank you and everyone involved in Punch Tools for your hard work, prompt manufacture and exhaustive design efforts for the project you completed for our facility. To date the new installation has worked out very well, much to the appreciation of everyone on site from the operators on the line to the Plant Manager.

As can be expected with every large project involving a new design and retro fit on old machinery there were bridges to cross and unforeseen problems to solve. I am delighted to say that your company really impressed me with their prompt response to these problems.

In addition I was very impressed with Punch Tools efforts to keep our on-site Millwrights and technical staff included in the design stage to make sure everyone was happy with the initial design and final outcome.
Since our company arrived in Canada we have been looking for reliable companies to provide support and complete projects. I do believe with Punch Tools I have found such a company and I look forward to working with you in the future."


Best Regards,

Brian Lehane
Production Engineer





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