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We carry the largest stock of Tool and Die Makers Supplies, and Industrial Supplies in BC for Western Canada.

Please take a moment to go through some of the other supplies available by looking through the following catalogues:


Other Industrial Supplies

Diemaker's/ Diecuter's Source Catalog
- The Diemaker's/
Diecutter's Source

PDF (3.2MB)

Anchor Lamina Hyraulic Motors Catalog
- Anchor Lamina Hyraulic Motors

PDF (640KB)

Anchor Lamina Hydraulic Equipment Catalog
- Anchor Lamina Hydraulic Equipment

PDF (664KB)

Shock and Vibration Damping Component V 100 Catalog
- Shock and
Vibration Damping Component V 100

PDF (5.9MB)

Kaller Hose System Catalog
- Kaller Hose Systems

PDF (2.1MB)


Kaller Flex Cam Catalog
- Kaller Flex Cam

PDF (2.2MB)
Anchor Lamina Mold Components Catalog
- Ancbor Lamina
Mold Components

PDF (0.4MB)
Anchor Lamina Mold Pins & Bushings Catalog
- Anchor Lamina Mold Pins & Bushings
PDF (0.4MB)

Multi Purpose Hanger Board

*Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view these catalogues. You can download it for free by clicking here.



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