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The Hitachi HITEC-TURN 20SII is one of the CNC lathe machines in use here at Punch Tools.

A Lathe Machine uses an insert cutter with a removable tip, this is used to shape the outside of materials spinning in the chuck jaws with a series of precise cuts to the surface. This model may be a considered a little old, but its special features will never be obsolete.

Hitachi Blue HITEC-TURN 20SII CNC Lathe

Hitachi Blue HITEC-TURN 20SII CNC Lathe


This model features a travel of 15.7” on the Z-axis (40 cm) and 7.9” on the X-axis (20cm), an 8.3“ turning diameter (21cm), 24.9 turning length (63 cm), 15” swing over bed, Camlock A2-6”, spindle speed from 30 rpm – 5000 rpm, Morse taper 5 MT, 3-jaw chuck and a chip conveyer.

It features a programmable tailstock which allows for a much quicker operation to be done on a work piece. Non-programmable lathes would take more time to complete an operation because the work piece would have to be manually rotated or turned to face the other way. This is ideal for mass production of parts and pieces.

It also features a thread roller which is a hole with 2 circular ring cutters that pass the work piece (most commonly a bolt or screw) through it, and doing so cuts into the rod and creates a spiral groove which is commonly used for drilling or screwing in. This process is also referred to as ‘cold forging’, because the hardness of the thread roller cutters is far greater than that of the work piece, so it is able to be cut into.

Hitachi Blue Lathe Controls

Hitachi Blue Lathe Controls

Thread RollerThread Roller Cross-Section

Thread Roller

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