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Punch Tools - Aluminum Extrusion Punching & Tooling


Punch Tools specializes in punching aluminum extrusion to preserve the integrity of the legs and channels used in the assembly of the final product.

We offer a large range of custom punches to match the hole clusters, and stamping on any aluminum extrusion that you need to fit your designs.

Punch Tools Aluminum Extrusion Punching and Tooling. Custom punches, hole clusters,  and stamping on any aluminum extrusion.
Punch Tools Aluminum Extrusion Secondary Processing Cost Chart

A dramatic return on investment was realized by our customers and
we are making these savings available to all extrusion users.



Punching is the most efficient method for secondary processing of aluminum extrusions. You can punch multiple holes and notches in one stroke of the press. Inside corners are easy to punch.

Technical difficulties in the past limited the use of punching aluminum extrusion, so CNC machining took over as a primary method to finish extrusion. That has now changed.

The holes and notches on the part above were done in one stroke of the press – about 5 seconds.

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Aluminum extrusion punching saves time and money.


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