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Window, Door, and Curtain Wall Workmanship


Our specialized window, door, and curtain wall industry knowledge allows us to offer our clients competitively priced and easy to maintain tooling.

We actively listened to our customers product issues in use and use them to design effective tooling solutions that are proven in use. These solutions form the basis of our platform offering of tooling.

We insist in using SolidWorks designs in our projects for efficient manufacturing, part replacement, reference, and future production. That's our back up to keep you up and running.


Drain Holes and Screw Chasers

Holes for 45° corners of feed through G/L designs.
Aluminum or Vinyl extrusions.

Able to punch through multiple interior walls or flanges for drainage and weep hole placement.

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Window drain hole and screw chaser punches in your aluminum or vinyl extrusions. We offer difficult location punches and cuts on multiple interior and exterior extrusion walls.

Mirror Image Punching

Critical for top / bottom, and left / right alignment designs including lock sets and custom mullion placement.

Makes functionality and efficiency of design possible. Mirror images in many applications save on installation labour in the field.

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Mirror image punching for critical alignment projects, custom mullion mounting, and multiple hole clusters punched in the perfect position every time.

Curtain Walls

Identical punches every time for clean and efficient production.
Saves on installation time.

Able to countersink holes in difficult locations.

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Identical punches every time for clean and efficient production of your curtain wall aluminum mullion mounting extrusions. Able to countersink holes and dead bolt knockouts in difficult locations for your designs.
British Columbia, BC

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