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Progressive Tools

With progressive tooling, you can efficiently produce intricate multi-stage parts. When producing significant batches, this type of tool could greatly increase your productivity and shorten production run times.

The picture below demonstrates how the metal sheets are fed through the tool in progressive stages to produce a complete finished pair of parts.

Multi stage progessive

See a one of our progressive tools in action below.

Cut To Length Tools

As metal strips are fed through the tool, they are cut to exact specifications every time. For even greater automation, a feeder can be attached to the Cut To Length Tool.

cut to length process

Form Tools

Form tools stretch metal to make complex shapes. As the press pushes down a metal sheet around a form, the metal retains the shape. Typically there is a lot of initial development; however, once the wrinkles have been literally ironed out, the proper form is made every time.

draw form part side view draw from part bottom view form tool bottom view

Compound Tools

Compound tools help create parts with tight tolerances on several related edges that would be costly to do with a progressive tool. This is especially true for low volume parts where a progressive tool is prohibitively expensive.

draw form part side view

Stamping Logos

In these competitive times it’s important that you “Leave Your Mark” by letting the customer know who made the product they are using. Making it easy for the customer to identify something will almost always guarantee repeat and or new business – so why hide it – identify yourself and encourage the customer to come back.

1 2 3 4
The first image is actually a mirror image of the actual stamping die.


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